O' Keefe & Merritt Antique Gas Stoves Refurbished Restored
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Antique O'Keefe & Merrit Restored Stoves Ranges Model 600 535 435
1951 O' Keefe & Merritt Atique Gas Stove 36
1950 Vintage O'Keefe & Merritt range - Model 280 white porcelain, oven, broiler, storage   8000 BTU/12000BTU
,,Granma,, one of the first O'Keefe & Merritt stoves ever made  - beige porcelain, salt& pepper, flower & sugar shakers, oven, broiler, storage,lamp, power outlets
Yellow O' Keefe & Merritt antique gas stove - Model 600   grillevator, salt & pepper shakers, chrome cook top, 12000 BTU, 39
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Wedgewood Antique Stoves
O' Keefe & Merritt
Model 9150
vintage stove
Antique Appliance
of Los Angeles
Custom porcelain colors are optional. We believe O' Keefe & Merritt  as well as Wedgewood
ranges are  one of the best quality brands of appliances ever made in the USA.  Refurbished
O' Keefe & Merritt range will stay in your family very likely for generations. Only few modern
products available on today's market could compare to superb quality of O'Keefe & Merritt  
and Wedgewood brand. Antique Appliance Company operates from Los Angeles. We restore
antique stoves, vintage stoves, vintage ranges and antique ovens from the era of 1950's.  For
private restoration or to check availability of particular model please contact  us via this form:  

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O'Keefe & Merritt User Guide Manual Antique Stove
Antique Gas Stove For Sale 1952
restored o' keefe & merritt for sale
restored 1949 antique stove for sale
antique stove for sale O'Keefe & Merritt model 435
 antique stove for sale red knob

Restored 1952
O' Keefe & Merritt
"Apartment Size"

Restored 1948
O' Keefe & Merritt
Custom Porcelain

Restored 1949
O' Keefe & Merritt
Blue Custom Porcelain
restored 1952 antique stove for sale
restored 1952 antique stove for sale